Perhaps one of the most challenging adaptations upon becoming a parent is getting used to the sleeping patterns of your new baby.  A lot of a baby's sleep pattern is already instinctively "programed" within when they are born, some sleeping better than others, but many other factors are environmental and habit formed.  


As lack of sleep accumulates in the parent(s) and desperation ensues, many parents start co-sleeping with their child as they feel it helps their infants sleep better. However, this can be a dangerous thing to do, as "inevitable" as it may seem. 

Because the most important element of infant sleep is SAFETY.  Below I have embedded a webpage from the American Academy of Pediatrics on safe sleeping habits, as well as a somewhat contrasting point from Dr. McKenna's safe co-sleeping guidelines for you to review.  This should serve you well for general information.


The AAP recommendations are considered safest.  Following these guidelines will help you make informed decisions on your own.  Always be safe and informed regardless what decision you make.

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